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Body Salt Scrub

A salt scrub is a type of exfoliating treatment in which coarse salt is used to remove dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. As we mentioned in our post on how to create the perfect natural skin care routine, exfoliation is essential for maintaining healthy, glowing skin.S

When should you use a Body Scrub?

You should try Scrubbing your body if your skin is feeling too dry, flaky or rough. If you plan on shaving your body hair, exfoliate the skin beforehand with a Body Scrub to enhance the overall shaving experience. If you have cuts or bruises on your body or skin is irritated due to sunburn or rash. Skip Scrubbing as this will only increase the irritation.

How often should you use a Body Scrub?

Scrubbing the skin on a daily basis can lead to discomfort as a result of it being so tender. Body scrubbing can be done once or twice a week. 

How long does a Body Scrub last?

This depends on the product you are using. Homemade body scrubs last about 6months if stored, cared for and used properly. While the expiry (best before) date will be on the package of the scrub if purchased.

Can body scrub remove dark spots?

Yes! Dark spots are signs of ageing skin or too much exposure to sunlight. Body scrubs can help because of how they boost the regeneration of new skin cells, and a couple of scrubs contain ingredients that help break up pigmentation, protect against sun damage and slow down the skin ageing process.

If my skin naturally exfoliates, why scrub?

It is true that the skin exfoliates. Sadly, this process slows down as we age, it starts off at 14 days in the infant phase and grows to 21-28 days as teens, 28-42 days at middle age, and 42-84 days over 50 years. Hence, the need to incorporate an exfoliating routine into how you care for your skin.

When not to use a body scrub?

Do not use a scrub if you have a sunburn or are experiencing a rash or other skin conditions. Some of the ingredients and the actual Scrubbing could further irritate your skin.

Should I use a body scrub before or after hair removal?

If your goal is to get smooth, silky, hairless skin then you should exfoliate before a shave. Freshly scrubbed skin is will make your razors glide. However, if the removal is by wax then scrubbing a day before hair removal is recommended. The was strips not just your hair but some of the epidermis (top layer of the skin) as well. So, scrubbing and waxing might be too much especially fr sensitive skin.

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