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Bamboo Massage

This is a type of holistic treatment which utilises bamboo canes. During the treatment, a therapist will use a variety of differently sized bamboo canes. The size of the cane will vary depending on your body type; desirable treatment outcome and the area treated; the larger the area, the bigger the cane. 

What are the benefits of the bamboo massage?

Bamboo massage has many benefits. It still represents fertility, youth, prosperity, serenity and durability in China, Japan and Indonesia, countries which the treatment was first used. Today, bamboo massage helps to promote the circulation enhancing the flow of oxygen and nutrient rich blood to help with recovery and healing, helps to reduce various pains and aches such as lower back pain, neck and shoulder pains and aches and general muscle soreness. It may also help to tone up and loose weight by breaking down fat cells. You will need more than one treatment to see the results for that. Moreover, bamboo massage helps to relax your body and mind helping you manage symptoms of anxiety, depression and insomnia at the same time as making you alert and fresh in your mind.

What is a bamboo fusion massage?

Bamboo fusion massage is exactly the same as normal bamboo massage. However, a therapist might also apply some other alternative therapy techniques such as shiatzu, Ayurveda, Thai or lymphatic drainage alongside the bamboo massage fusing them together, hence the name, bamboo fusion massage.

What is a warm bamboo massage?

Warm bamboo massage is very similar to the hot stone massage. Just like during a normal session, a therapist will use bamboo canes which will vary in size. However, the major difference is that the canes used will be quite warm. Warmth of the bamboo canes will help to penetrate deeper into the tissue which helps to achieve better and longer lasting results.

How do you heat up bamboo sticks?

Bamboo canes can simply be heated by placing them on a heating pad and covering them with a towel. It can also be heated on a specifically designed heating device. The heating process will depend on a therapist or clinic. Level of heat may also vary, however, usually it should feel quite warm but not uncomfortable.

How do you use bamboo sticks?

During the application, regardless of whether you are having a normal or hot bamboo treatment, a therapist will use several kneading, rolling and pressing techniques on the body used in treatments such as Swedish massage, sports massage and deep tissue massage. The movement and flow of the techniques is the same as if a therapist would use their hands, but instead, it is performed with bamboo canes. Some of the techniques might feel stronger than others, it might depend on how achy and sore you feel on the day of your appointment.

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